How life really is

Hey there, I'm Too young to know anything important. Just an average loser with fantastic fantasies and no real life. Then again, does anyone my age have a life?
I like to pretend I know things. I liketea, popcorn and drugs I actualy prefer hugs more though. I love musicals, they make me happy. I also like songs with depressing lyrics, but an upbeat tune, they're always fun. I may be streight, I may be gay. Who knows? Not me, thats for sure. I love graphic novels and all kinds of music. Is this too much information? More than you needed to know? Probably. But this is my blog, judge me all you like, no fucks will be given.
just a lost. middle class kid, not smart enough for acidemics, not talented enough for sports

Friends are people who are there for you even when they’re mad. Or you’re mad


met a guy in north philly today and said if i give him a dollar hed do a backflip but i didnt have a dollar so he gave me his grandmas number because he lives with her and told me to call him and all 3 of us could pray together